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With Dean gone, I have been taking a more careful look at Edwards and Kerry. While I find myself more alligned with Edwards, this piece gave me a better piece of mind should Kerry get the nomination. Teresa Heinz Kerry

I don't recall Laura Bush having anything to say other than that she was shocked by gay marriage.
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I think one of the most satisfying feeling ever is when you wake up ~an hour before the alarm goes off and you know that you can just snuggle back down and go right back to sleep.

i guess it is going to be rainy and nasty all day today and throughout the weekend. who authorized this?

all i want to do on days like today is curl up under a blanket on the couch, drink some tea, and read.
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wow. art garfunkel was busted for having a small amount of pot. first cheech chong, now simon and garfunkel. how come we never hear about snoop or b-real being cited for carrying? and don't the police have better things to be doing?

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shocking as it may seem, an article in The Daily got me thinking. there was a piece written yesterday about new legislation in king county (and washington in general) that would ban smoking in all public places...including clubs, bars, pool-halls, and other typically dank joints. my first reaction was one of "it's about goddamn time" given that similar bans are in place in other major metropolitan areas and that i regulary end up with a monsterous headache following smoke-filled shows.

however, what got me thinking was the fact that smoking cigarettes is still a perfectly legal thing to do and this type of legislation shows the conflict between personal and societal freedoms. how can we justify prohibiting something everywhere if it is totally legal? if there is enough proof of its dangers (and i think there is) to warrent such laws, why not just ban them entirely? are we trying to slowly move in that direction, pushing smokers to quit if they want to go into public? is this a form of passive drug rehab?

instead, why not just publish all of the reports along with a universal edict saying that smokers have a set amount of time, say one year from publication, to quit because that is when tobacco will cease to be available. offer assistance to those having difficulties, similar to what is done in public methadone clinics. or are the tobacco growers that strong a lobby? given that they aren't able to stop these restrictions, i don't see how they could stop an out-right ban.

...and you all wonder what i do while watching water drops soak into paper
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sweet fucking jesus

what could possibly top seeing two hours of solo mark lanegan, with two new songs (not on the ep) AND a cover of Death Don't Have No Mercy? how about a full encore? yeah that was good. how about a second encore, this time featuring Mike Johnson, Ben Shepherd, and Van Connor...with an acoustic version of Dollar Bill? mmmmhhhh, that was good too. how about a third encore, with just mark and Greg Dulli, with them doing Number Nine (from the Twilight Singers' Blackberry Belle) and...wait for it...Alice Cooper's Eighteen. the place just about exploded.

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i now know what i will be buying all my friends for christmas...and maybe for halloween next year.

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